Monday, September 9, 2013

My weekend was a little chalky.

First things first,  I am not a fanboy..of anything.  I have never bought a comic book and I have never seen a full Star Wars episode. (That's the truth.)  But sometimes when the artistic mood hits me,  the outcome is varied...and peculiar... and coming off of the chalkboard menu from the other weekend I had an itch that needed to be scratched.  I do like the Homeland series and when I saw the trailer for season 3 it got the juices flowing.
18 x 24 chalk and blackboard only. My basement looks like Scarface's desk and my back is destroyed.  I might start cranking some of these out.  $3.00 in blackboard spray, a $6.00 piece of plywood and I stole the chalk from my kids.  There you have it, 

I should have a proper pen post up on Wednesday.

Cheers, thanks for looking.


RMinNJ said...

Can you spray clean paint over the chaulk? It seems too nice that it will just rub away?

As someone that doesn't watch the show (no HBO) I think your a fan.

Good Pens said...

I heard that hairspray will hold the chalk a little, but I have not tried it. I almost think that is part of the challenge. Thanks for reading!

Andra said...

Good work! Why not fix some battens to your wall, then you can work standing up? Or an easel, but they cost $$$.

Good Pens said...

I generally work at a standing desk. (For work and for art) I propped this up on an angle to work on and just had it on the floor for the quick photo. Thanks for the comment!