Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Win a Baltz Pens "Mincey"

This is going to be difficult one to giveaway.  The extra fine gentlemen over at Baltz Fine Writing Instruments (earlier review here)  were willing to jump in and help out with the donations for my Philadelphia Marathon charity run which is in less than two weeks.  (Yes, I am running another marathon.)

With a tear in my eye, mainly because I cannot tuck this one into my shirt pocket and go show it off in the office, I am offering this one up to you:  the faithful and loyal readers of Good Pens and the money is going to support a Childrens Cancer Research Foundation.  Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.  All for a great cause.

The great news:  if you haven't seen it yet, Baltz Pens has launched a brand new pen line and they are busy cranking them out. You can get all the details on it here: but I can offer a sneak peek of un-wrapping one of the models.
In my one packages a pen up better than Baltz. Not only is the pen well protected during shipping,  it's presented in a way that makes the received feel like they are getting something special (and they are.)   If I were graduating, or celebrating a big win or needed something nice to add to my Christmas list and this showed up on my doorstep, I would be very happy.
Did you notice the subtle little tweak here on the "B" from the last line?     Nice touch.  I thought just  having the engraved  B was a nice touch,  but highlighting it is even nicer. Oh, and it's 22 ct. gold by the way, oh and these are numbered pens. Amazing. you want a chance to win a $280 pen? It's simple.  For every dollar you donate to my page at Alex's Lemonade Stand get 1 raffle ticket to win this pen. On November 19th,  I will put every one's name in a randomizer and pick a winner. Make a two dollar donation and get two chances to win.  Simple.
The link to donate is here.   Please enter Good Pens in the field or shoot me an email ( to let me know you donated and I will get you in the running and if you have already donated you are on the list as well. It's for a really good cause people.  Anything helps and a dollar could win you a very nice pen.

Thanks again for looking and good luck!


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