Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pilot Explorer Source!

My Pilot Explorer post here remains one of the most popular on the blog.  I didn't realize how popular this pen was.  It's also probably the number one email I get asking where to buy these.

And after searching through some pen sources came up empty... I found them on some warehousing and random stores.. And I found some more this morning at a reasonable price.

No affiliation,  and I don't know how many they have,  Just passing along the info if you want to pick up a good pen.



Sheila said...

I love this pen!!!!

sell my car said...

It is my favorite pen .It my first choice to gift any one.t looks awesome.

Sheila said...

i found this pen at an old company i used to work for. it is the only pen they used. LOVE IT! been trying to find a non-expensive source to by them from.

Nin said...

My grandmother used to get boxes of these pens for free from a relative. This was many years ago when I was younger. i also remember them being on sale at the local yocal drug store. those were the days. when I hit the link to this blog, i was thinking of this pen. hahaha and there it was. Don't give these out as gifts, damnit. let the remainders be for those of us who really want them.

urban wear said...

It is very simple but looks very stylish. My father still using same pen for sign or important markers. It is one of the favourite pen of his.

flaƟ bellek said...

It is very much popular pen in pen market. I seen same this pen model in so many online pen stores in hot sell.

steph said...

just chanced upon your blog. and i'm so glad I did. Good to know I am not the only pen enthusiast in the world! I will definitely be checking out this pen.

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