Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 10 of 2009. # 7 Tombow 4B

I imagine the gasps...and the coffee getting spit coffee all over your desks...a Pencil? Der..of course a pencil. Man cannot live on ink alone. There has to be a delicate balance. Days where you do not feel like spilling a bottle of ink on your carpet or getting blue fingers. These times call for a pencil..but a really good pencil.

As always, click for better photos. I have always been a fan of these pencils. I keep trying to like cheaper ones, but they end up failing for me. So, I spend the money on a 12 pack of these and try to not plow through them too fast. Not easy, they sharpen to a pin point and hold it pretty well.

I still need to find a REALLY good sharpener. I know they are out there, I just haven't upgraded yet. The eraser is an upgrade and if my list went to 11 this eraser would be on it. I do draw a little with these, but I use them more for notes than anything. Sharpening a few of these to start the day is a great tradition. It just gets you in the correct frame of mind. Sort of like wet-shaving (don't get me started.)

It does make sense that because I love my Japanese pens so much that I would also hold these pencils in high regard. It's not worth doing a writing sample... I think everyone knows how a pencil properly sharpened will write.

So I should have #6 tomorrow, take Christmas off and finish out the year with the rest of the list. Have a great day everyone and keep those pencils sharpened!

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Unknown said...

These are good pencils. I like the Mitsubishi Uni ones a lot too. I don't really have any fancy sharpeners, but I got this Mapped one from Target and I really like it! It is one of the few sharpeners that even sharpens Prismacolors well. Even better than the Prismacolor Kum sharpener. Before that I used the Faber Castell one and it worked great too. I liked that it had 3 different sharpening options.

Beth said...

I couldn't agree more -- everyone needs a really good pencil!

Anonymous said...

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Will Price said...

the KUM long point automatic sharpener is by far my favourite sharpener, really handy, having the longer point is better for drawing