Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fountain Pen Tree Ornament

I once worked at a job, where a guy just dissapeared. Poof, went all Keyser Soze. A few months later he showed up at his desk one morning like nothing had ever happened. He fully expected to have his job back and was anxious to get to work. It's a true story and kinda what I just did this morning. I am sure there are a few people looking at their Reader scratching their heads and saying "Huh." Consider me back at me desk ready to work.

Last night was tree trimming night here in the Good Pens Household and I was reminded that the simplist things are sometimes the best. So if you are feeling inspired, grab and old pen, hang a string on it and throw it up on the tree. . My son pulled this pen out of the box and said "a pen!" Why...yes it is, the pen is back on the tree.

If you are curious what I have been up to...take a look at www.sethgoodling.blogspot.com. Just a little photo journey of the last few months of growing this family. It's absolutely non-pen related, just as an FYI.

Oh, and as LL Cool J said "Don't call it a comeback!"


Nrepose said...

Happy to see you back. I knew it wouldn't be long. This is a great idea and one that may become a new Nrepose family traditions. It really is good to see you posting. Nr

dowdyism said...

Glad to see you back in the saddle, and glad everything is going well with the family!

Unknown said...

Welcome back!

Aaron said...

Welcome back!!
What? Do you think you can just take a three month vacation anytime you want?? Now get to work!!

USB Copier said...

Nice blog!