Monday, July 13, 2009

Aint it Strange...Broken Montblanc

I am NOT the guy you see in business meetings that pulls out the Montblanc just to let everyone know he (or she) has a pretty little snow cap on their pens. "Look at me, Look at me...I must be important!!!!" It's actually my biggest pet peeve with MB's...non pen lovers try to use them to make people think they love pens. (Work with my head this makes sense, I have had a lot of coffee today.)

I have a few MB's and I do love them, it's a little ironic. This one is now in need of repair. I am not sure if it was in my bag or my pocket, but this happened somehow. It's a roller so... I am not devastated...but I am not really happy either. I think I won this one in a sales contest about 5 years ago.

Montblanc has had an interesting history, there are scandals and many lawsuits and some odd practices in how they sell their pens. Dunhill bought the company in 1977 and dropped all the low end pens.

I might run into the Montblanc store in Boston and give them my best "Look at what just happened face." I haven't used it in a while because it almost never works. By the way, the notebook is a Moleskine designed for you to write/draw on, I haven't finished my last word on it yet, but I definitely am going with "strange."


Woodworker said...

Whaaa I have a story to post similar to yours in a few hours when it is finished. It's about my broken Parker Duofold ;-)
I hope you give them your best looks. I know the stationary did to me........ without a blush they mentioned the repair-price.........

Anonymous said...

I have some MB fountain pens that are incredible but hate the same thing--"I have a MB so i must be important" mentality. I own my MB's because they are well made and have all the functions I look for in a Fountain pen--great nib, piston fill, twist on cap, ink view window, simple classic design{I'm talking 146's and 149's NOT some of the limited edition bling they make}.

stev0themarried said...

i really like the cover artwork your doing. how'd you make your fonts look so nice crisp and clean? I'm an awful heavy sketcher and my finished product never looks too great.
I am a sucker for that lil "sno-cap" design on the top.. but i'm all for the LAMY stuff not too flashy but works great. I've never got the chance to try a mont blanc fountain pen though... no shops will let you try them out here in town. the one with the all the fountain pens gave me the whole spiel on how gold fountain pen nibs conform to your writing style (i think it's bullox).

Goldspot Pens said...

Mont Blanc's are status symbols. That's why they are so expensive to begin with. And it is true what they say about the gold nibs. Gold is a soft metal, which is malleable to the point that if you let enough people sample them, the nib will change significantly (especially if you lend it to people who have no idea how to write with a fountain pen and they put more pressure on it like you would for a ballpoint pen).

The word I would put would be "wonderful?"

Unknown said...

I love the cover for the Moleskine. Nice work! Sorry about the pen.

Alex said...

Ouch. That's an odd break in the pen.

For the last word, I would consider putting 'ink', 'curious', or '$@!%&*'.

Sara said...

maybe you could put a bandaid on it and shed a tear or two...?

Your moleskine cover kicks it hun! it is really cool - please share the finished product.

I'm a little obsessed with fonts lately. :)

Good Pens said...

Woodworker, The Duofold story rocks. Stev- Believe it or not I only used a G2 .38 so far. It's horribly tedious but relaxing at the same time.

David said...

I've been left a Mont Blanc pen by my father, and looking at it, it appears to have been dropped - the tip of the nib is spread.

I asked for spare nibs from the distributor and was told it has to go in to them to replace the nib because special tools are required and it would not be possible for me to fix it myself.

The charge to exchange the nib was (wait for it) NZ$700.

I've used Mont Blanc's before, and while they are nice are require a delicate hand to get the best out of them, I simply don't see where the value is as my old Lamy Al-star writes beautifully and appears to be indestructable.

I just don't care enough about labels to get gouged, when there is the functional equal, much cheaper.

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