Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sharpie Accent Liquid Highlighter and what is it pt.2

Meet my new favorite liquid highlighter. The Sharpie! Everyone knows that I am huge fan of the seen here in You Drylight my life., but every now and then I crave some good old fashioned liquid highlighter. (I also crave a really good hamburger every now and then- but that is for another day.) There's a little loop on the end which makes me want to wear it around my neck like an old lady but so far I have refused to take that next step. I love highlighters with big tanks of ink.

I was feeling just about as un-scientific as I could feel tonight so I just grabbed a few pens, wrote down what they were on a piece of paper and went to town with the highlighter. I love how the Noodler's held up, that was the shocker, but not if it was bulletproof, I am not sure what I had loaded in the fountain pen. The G2 on the bottom actually gave me a little blurring, but not so much that it bothers me. Flying colors all around.

Thanks for all of the comments, but without some proof, I am not buying the phone dialer thing. This seems a little high tech to just get used as a phone dialer.So here is a view where it opens up. The cap on the left has little gears on the stick thing. If this does not get solved, I might have to put a prize on it.
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Anonymous said...

I don't know what the top part is supposed to do, but that bottom part (the round plastic thing) is definitely a phone dialer. Unfortunately, I'm old enough to remember them!!

Aaron said...

Have you ever attempted a dissection of the Liquid Accent (e.g.: to refill it?)

I'd like to reuse some empty ones and thought I'd ask for insight before I end up with ink all over the place -- and I've got a bottle of Noodler's Firefly burning a hole in my pocket.

Anonymous said..., I have not, but now I want to. Let me give it a shot and post about it. Stay tuned. Thanks!


Cl. Panic said...

Refilling one is harder than it looks. The cavity isn't really "empty" on the butt end of the pen. It's blocked.

Roshan Reddy said...

Really good to see some old gold stuff

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