Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pilot Dr. Grip (next patient please)

Sometimes I try to force my brain and my hand into liking a certain pen. My whole body tried to get me to like this pen based on looks alone. It failed. I bought this with the best intentions loving the way that it looks but was left with an overall "meh" feeling after writing a bit with it.

If my G-2 refills fit in here we would have something to talk about... unfortunately the good Dr. apparently has a micro ink supply. My biggest issue with this pen is that the grip spins around too much on the body and it just gaps a bit where I hold the pen. Sorry if I seem picky.

Is this a lot of parts or what? Yes it is... and I did not even touch the top clicky part with the clip assembly (Sorry to get all technical on you but my engineers are on vacation this week.)

If you have trained your brain to appreciate solid ink flow and consistent lines, anything else feels sub-par. I have said it before, but it would be hard to drive a 1986 Buick Lasaber when you have a 1970 Triumph TR6 sitting in the garage. (Dual carbs and British racing green please, something like this would do)

It does like the camera doesn't it? It's a pretty pen but unfortunately, it gets little use on this desk. There are plenty of Pilot pens that I love and that I rave about but this one missed the mark for me. So---what's your "meh" pen?

Have a great day everyone.

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Felyne said...

I agree with you, this pen promises the world but it's trying too hard to be the perfect grip that it just totally overkills it.

I've tried really hard to like this pen, and it's littler sister/brother (sorry I forget what it's called, like this only more basic) because when I watch people who like them use them, I want to be able to write that comfortably. But, this style isn't the pen for me.

My 'meh' pen. I have so many, it wouldn't be fair to single out just one of the poor things.

Anonymous said...

I think you are far too kind to the looks of the Dr. Grip in your review. It is at best a 'meh' in that category. Though the 'Skytime' version JetPens has is a little better in that regard.

I like the shade of blue the refill I have in mine lays down, but it does seem to skip on occasion.

On the whole, I much prefer the Zebra nuSpiral ballpoint to the Dr. Grip. It has a similar but more comfortable grip. And its refill is more consistent. I suppose some will find its unique look a touch unappealing.

John Johnston said...

I have one, but would be hard pressed to find it. It's just not a pen I enjoy using. I prefer the Uni-Ball Signo Premier 207. It has the cushy grip similar to the Dr. Grip, but it doesn't spin in your hand and it writes great!

Robert said...

It sounds like you'd prefer the "Dr. Grip Ltd.", which uses the G-2 refill. They've available at my local Target, and I like them better than the regular G-2 thanks to their extra size.

Watch closely to make sure you don't end up with the regular Dr. Grip ballpoint or pencil or anything else similarly named and labeled.

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