Thursday, December 11, 2008

1946 Parker Vacumatic

For those of you keeping score, today is officially the 3 month anniversary of a pen a day on Good Pens. I am celebrating with one of my favorites. Shined up and ready for another 62 years of use.

Thanks again to all the great comments and emails that everyone has sent in. Keep them coming and I hope I am adding a touch of entertainment to your day.

Sometimes a gift is more than just a gift. A few years ago, I was handed a box from Grammy with some treasures in it... this was one of them. I tried over the years in different ways to tell her how much trusting me with these pens meant to me, but I doubt that I ever expressed it properly. When I write my thank you notes to her, I use this pen and will always cherish it.

I only bust out this pen for those special occasions. It's not the most expensive, or the flashiest pen I own but it's possibly the perfect pen in terms of overall style, feel and class. If you collect fountain pens, you should have at least one of these in your collection. Very Good Pen.

Sorry for not bringing the funny today, I needed to reflect and celebrate...don't worry, tomorrow I will go back to the burp jokes.
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