Monday, November 24, 2008

Zebra Jimnie Gel Rollerball

Every now and then I feel the need for a semi-fat writing, traditional rollerball  and this Zebra usually fits the bill. Yes, it skips a bit, but if I am using cheap notebook paper for something, it seems to be a good bet for a quick drying, smudge proof pen. Plus it's acid free so I don't have to worry about my pen tripping out.

I re-watched Office Space again over the weekend. 2 in the morning, can't sleep and a perfect movie. It's so hard to believe that the movie only made 10.8 million in box office revenue. Mike Judge is a genius.
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It's a true medium point without any surprises when pen hits paper. Good, but not great. I wish the rest of the pen was a little better, because when writing, it feels really nice in your hand and has a decent weight to it. On Amazon, it's less than a dollar each so don't be afraid to try it.

Thanks again for all the emails and comments over the weekend, I appreciate the feedback. As a reminder, feel free to join the Good Pens Group in Flickr, it's lonely right now, but hope we can put another good group of pens together. Click the link or visit

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Nrepose said...

I do love the color of the blue in these pens. I wish they were a little smaller in size. Great job! Nr