Monday, August 13, 2012

Travel Bag... Nicely Packed

If I do say so myself.

A few weeks on the road coming up and I am pretty happy with my set up...Thinkpad, Journal (to do list), iPad, Pleasure Book (Racing Weight) , Rhodia (Journal Swap,)  and my sweet new Amazon Basics Electronics case (more on in other post) and some misc paperwork to go through on my first of many flights...All snuggled up in my Custom Timbuk2 that I trust with all the goodies!  

The other good news...I only packed one pair of running shoes this trip. Progress is an amazing thing.

Also in the bag hidden from view, 3 Fountains (Pilot, Parker and a Kaweco Sport) 4 Sarasa's and 2 Mechanical pencils. I just got word of a fresh shipment of pens for testing.  Stay tuned!



Vikram said...

Nice! I love my 2004 ThinkPad X31--although yours doesn't seem to be nearly as old as mine, they are all wonderful machines. Just as reliable and tough as some of those pens. Nowhere near as self-sufficient, though ;)

Bored_ said...

what size is that timbuk2? and is it jus a classic messenger with laptop sleeve? or the dedicated laptop messenger?

Unknown said...

Bored_ here's a nice review of the bag someone did. I have had this for 5-6 years and it has been allover the world. its really hard to find any defects. Strong bag.

Unknown said...

Vikram...x61. I do love it. It's just a nice combo of light weight and fast enough for everything I need on the road. Thanks!

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