Friday, March 27, 2009

Y&C Permawriter II

I have always been a fan of the Y&C pens, What? You have not heard of them? If you haven't... then you are in for a surprise. Surprisingly smooth and sturdy, these pens have been a constant in my rotation for a long time. I buy these by the dozen without any hesitation and I never have had a bad batch.

For some reason, I have attached (not literally) these pens with my Moleskins. They seem to go together and I get a consistent very fine line that I need with this 00 tip. I do not get any bleeding and it's kinda like they were meant for each other.

Upper right hand corner of this photograph shows where one of these consistently lives. It's handy, easy to grab and I know its there. Most of the online Hobby stores carry these. You can get them here if you like.

I am tracking a very special FedEx package that I hope to share with you for my Monday post. -Let's just say it feels a little like Christmas eve to me....Have a great weekend everyone and remember to be nice to your pens!
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OfficeSupplyGeek said...

Nice review, but now you have me all excited and waiting for your Monday post! :)

Anonymous said...

Y&C's Stylist is still the best!

Anonymous said...

For writing on the backs of photos, I had previously tried those Micron pens which seem to be available everywhere but are terrible because they take forever to dry. Then I found the Permawriter. Dries immediately and doesn't make a big mess. I love it!

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